The Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology

The Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology is our most popular and most thorough qualification, covering manicures, pedicures, dipping systems, gel polish, hard gel, acrylic, art, theory and basic business skills.

Our most successful Graduates tend to come from the Foundation Certificate with many running their own businesses and others working for well known salons such as Leah Light Nails and Beauty.

Content -

The Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology is achieved by attending the following 'Modules'. These Modules can be completed back to back (see the image below) or spread out over up to 12 months, but should always be completed in the order shown.

If you don't wish to complete the full Foundation Certificate you can still attend these Modules individually. Prerequisites are listed within each of the following links -

  1. The Theory of Nails - $149, Online
  2. Manicures and Pedicures - $399, 3 Days, 10am-5pm (No online option)
  3. Dipping Systems for Beginners $179, 1 Day, 10am-5pm or Online
  4. Mastering Acrylic Application $999, 6 Days, 10am-5pm or Online
  5. Mastering Hard Gel Application $179, 1 Day, 10am-5pm or Online
  6. Mastering PolyGel/Putty Application $179, 1 Day, 10am-5pm (No online option)
  7. Nail Tech Skills Review $499, 3 Days, 9am-5pm (No online option)
  8. Running and Marketing a Salon in New Zealand $179 - 1 Day, 9am-5pm or Online as 'Salon Success'

In-Person Classes run Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday and the Theory Module is done online.

If completed consecutively, the In-Person Modules line up like this -

You do not have to complete them back-to-back, You can pick and choose any dates you like (see here) as long as they're all completed within 12 months of starting.

Assessments -

To qualify you also need to achieve -

  • 80% or higher on your Theory Assessment (Online/From Home - Click the link and have a look, you won't break it!)
  • 80% or higher on your Gel Polish Assessment (Must be done in person)
  • 80% or higher on your Acrylic Assessment (Must be done in person)
  • 80% or higher on your Hard Gel Assessment (Must be done in person)
  • As well submitting as a 14-piece Portfolio (Online/From Home - Click through the whole thing and have a look, you won't break it!)

Pricing -

If you book and pay for all 8 Modules at the same time (for any dates, consecutive or otherwise) you will pay a combo price of $2,499. Alternatively, you can book and pay each of the Modules separately as and when you are ready.

Enrolment -

When you're ready to enrol, go to, choose a date for Manicures and Pedicures and click 'Enrol'. If you email us ( the dates you wish to attend the other Modules (or that you want to complete them online) we can process these enrolments for you without you needing to complete 7 enrolment forms.

A few extras -

  • You can see a video of our facilities here -
  • If you click here and then scroll down to the playlist 'Welcome to Monaco' you can see 5 video testimonials from past students
  • Lastly if you click here you can see reviews that our students have left about our courses :)

Call us on (09) 574 5573 if you have any further questions!

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