Toni Clinton

Toni Clinton

Novice Training Coordinator


I’m Toni and I am the Novice Training Coordinator at Monaco Nail Academy. I trained as a Nail Technician in 2015 and I have never looked back! I love that as a Nail Tech you can completely transform somebody’s nails but that our industry has so much depth too - I am a complete nerd and LOVE finding out about the chemistry behind a product and how it really works.

Behind the scenes I’m a junk food junkie who loves Netflix or a really good book. Ask anyone where they saw me last and there’s a good chance they’ll point to the nearest KFC. Luckily I’ve paired my saturated fat addiction with a lifelong involvement in Athletics, including coaching. That experience has meant that not only has my metabolism yet to let me down (knock on wood!) but I have a wealth of experience in motivating and guiding people to do their very best.

Hopefully you'll catch that vibe in my contributions to MonacoPro!

x Toni

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