Gel Brush / Number 9 Oval

Gel Brush / Number 9 Oval

Artistic Colour Gloss
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Brush Facts!

  • The Size 9 Oval Brush is an all silver brush with a rhinestone studded body and lid to protect against any product curing.
  • This brush is ideal for careful cuticle work in addition to dry brushing and building gel.
  • It can be used with Gel, Acrylic, Colour Gloss or any other nail application but once you choose a purpose, it can only be used for that one purpose.This means that a new brush could be for acrylic OR gel. But once you used it for the first time with Acrylic, it could never then be used for Gel and vice versa.
  • This brush is made from the tail hair of a Kolinsky Sable, which is a species of weasel from Siberia.
  • When you first get a new brush, press the tip against a firm surface to break the gum that holds the bristles together. Spend a good few minutes gently working the brush through either gel or monomer (depending on the intended purpose of the brush) to eliminate air pockets and condition the bristles.
  • Always keep the cap on and the brush away from direct sunlight. Gel left in the brush will cure, rendering the brush unusable. The cap also stops dust from impacting the quality of your future work.

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