Chameleon Pigment / Red Reptile

Chameleon Pigment / Red Reptile

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  • Name: Red Reptile
  • Colour: Iridescent, pearl lustre red
  • Collection: Chameleon Pigments

This collection works alongside our Pure Pigments primary colours, offering six pearl lustre colours for an ever-changing range of colour options to use with your acrylic powders, gels or gel polish.

These colours look iridescent and can change colour depending on their background. For a stronger colour apply to a darker background. To enhance a transparent free edge apply the chameleon pigment that best suits the overall colour of your design or outfit.

Use Chameleon colours with the Pure Pigment primary collection, mixing them to create an opaque shimmer effect.

Also available in a pack of 6.

Gel - Mix a small amount of your pigment into a clear gel.

Gel polish - mix a small amount of pigment into your gel polish top coat, or using a dry brush push your pigment directly into the inhibition layer for a stronger effect.

Acrylic - use pigments to enhance your acrylic design by applying it with a small brush dipped into monomer, like paint. Alternatively use water.

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