Brights Pigment / 6 Pack

Brights Pigment / 6 Pack

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  • Colour: Bikini (pink), Cut Grass (green), Flip Flops (purple), Ice Pops (orange), Ocean (blue), Sunshine (yellow)
  • Collection: Brights (6 pack)

Enhance, embellish or emboss! These pigments are perfect to press into gel polish, use with gel, enhance with monomer or work wonders with water! Endless possibilities and beautiful results.

They are named to evoke the essence of summer, but the colour blends you can achieve will suit any season and with a slight shimmer they will enhance any form of nail art.

All of the Brights collection retain their vibrancy over either a light or dark base.


  • With Gel - mix a small amount of your pigment into a clear gel.
  • With Gel Polish - mix a small amount of pigment into your gel polish top coat, or using a dry brush push your pigment directly into the inhibition layer for a stronger effect.
  • With Acrylic - use pigment to enhance your acrylic design by applying it with a small brush dipped into monomer.
  • With Water - dip a brush into water and then into pigment, and mix into a light paste.

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