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A brand new product to the world of professional nail art. Be Creative presents MEDIUM, a clear paint that works with your current range of paints and pigments to create a whole new world of colour!

Use with Pigments:
In powder form it is difficult to combine two pigment colours to create a third, so we have come up with a solution. Bind our Pigments with Be Creative Medium!
With the introduction of small amount of our new Medium you can create any number of new shades or colours, and use it just like paint.

Use with Paints:
Perhaps you love one of the Be Creative paint colours but wish it was more transparent or had a little shimmer?
By simply mixing the chosen paint colour and Medium together you can change the transparency of the paint. Adding a little pigment into the mix will not only produce shimmer, but the new shimmer shade will still work beautifully with the Nail Art Pen!

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