Dashing Diva French Wrap / Red

Dashing Diva French Wrap / Red

Dashing Diva
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  • Colour: Red
  • Quantity: 140 Count (14 sizes)
  • Non chipping
  • Long lasting
  • Perfect smile lines every time

This is the easiest way you will ever do a French Manicure. A little story - I was very resistant to stocking these. I didn't understand the point, because I can freehand a French Manicure just fine and it doesn't take that long.

However, at the Sydney Spa and Beauty Expo 2013, I was working on the same stand as these and had the opportunity to see them demonstrated 10 hours a day for 2 days. You can literally do a perfect French manicure is 15-20 minutes. I am converted!

It lasts, it looks amazing, and it's fast. Imagine Wedding Season with 20 minutes per person!

How do you use them?
There's a video on the "More Info" tab but you basically prep the nail, apply the wrap, then apply your Gel Polish Base Coat and your Gel Polish Top Coat. Yes, both come after the wrap. The actual application of the wrap is easy. Apply adhesive (your usual glue or resin, we sell a couple of different ones) to the back of the colour, apply it like a tip, and then cut the funny plastic thing above the free edge. The funny plastic cover will slip off and you will be left with perfect application.

How much do you charge?
I would charge around the same for this as I would for a French Gel Polish because you could either charge less because it's faster or more because it involves specialised product, or sit comfortably in the middle.

How do you upsell them?
The selling point here is that it's faster to apply and guaranteed to be perfect. If a client is in a rush and you are struggling to fit her in, perfect, offer her French Wraps and make your full income without having to rush. If a client is already in salon, say 'I have two options for you, both the same price. I can freehand your manicure which means you are in complete control of how it looks, or I can use a French Wrap system that will be faster and look better for longer'. They will always go for French Wraps and you will be able to fit more clients in, which means more income at the end of the day.

How much do they cost?
Cost of service is $2.49 per client.

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