Salon Success - How To Set Your Prices (10/12)

Salon Success - How To Set Your Prices (10/12)

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Whether you're yet to start your training or you've been in business for years, this course will get you up to speed on literally EVERYTHING you need to know to take your next step with the right foot.

By the end of this workshop you will -

  • Know how to get clients to (happily!) pay what you're worth
  • Know what you’re really spending with our easy-to-use Cost Calculators
  • Know exactly how much to charge for every service you offer
  • Know how to increase your prices while making your clients happy that you did so (no, really!)
  • Be able to confidently compete in small towns, new towns, and in towns saturated with cut price salons

This course has HOURS of content, pre-programmed calculators, videos, worksheets and resources.

You can watch our Salon Success workshops in any order but our recommended order makes this #10 of 12

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