Looking for the Modules?

You've actually been looking at them all along!

Yes - our website looks a bit different but actually the content we teach and the days we teach it on hasn't changed at all.

When we offered Modules 1-4, our month looked like this -

- where each colour represents a Module and Theory is included in the live class.

Our month now looks like this -

The actual content hasn't changed but the way it is broken down has, and we've moved the Theory Classes online.

Theory used to be taught for one hour every morning. It will now be offered as a separate, online course. This means you can learn the Theory content in your own time, at your own pace, pausing us when you need to. Your actual classroom days will be an hour shorter, which is easier on the brain and you should miss the morning traffic too.

We made these changes after listening to you guys and your feedback. We know many of you need more flexibility when it comes to topics and costs and this new arrangement should help with both of those things.

You can choose to complete only the classes that interest you (baring in mind the prerequisites listed on each class page) or to still do the full Foundation Certificate in Nail Technology. If doing the Foundation Cert, instead of Modules One, Two, Three and Four, you will book -

You will still need -

  • 80% or higher on your Theory Assessment
  • 80% or higher on your Gel Polish Assessment
  • 80% or higher on your Acrylic Assessment
  • 80% or higher on your Hard Gel Assessment)
  • As well as a 14-piece Portfolio

- just like you always did.

The pricing works out almost exactly the same and, if you want to complete the full certification, you can still combo all compulsory classes together for $2,499 or upgrade to the Salon Start Up Package for $1000 ($3499 total).

If you have any questions at all, hit the Messenger icon at the bottom right of this page.

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