MonacoPro was created by the team behind Monaco Nail Academy in Auckland, New Zealand. Academy staff are constantly inundated with questions from fully qualified Nail Techs who have nowhere else to go, and at a guess we would say a third of all of our enquiries for Novice Courses are from fully qualified Techs who don’t feel satisfied with their initial training.

Having had first hand experience ourselves (we’re all qualified Nail Techs, even the office staff) with schools that offer very little support and communication post-graduation, we have made it our mission to ensure that every single one of our graduates goes as far in their career as they want to, with as much support as we can possibly give them. But! What about everyone else?! That’s where MonacoPro comes in. We want to spread the love worldwide! Let’s push ourselves and see what we can do!

MonacoPro is not just another tutorial site. We offer support, tutorials, articles and advice around the three key areas of your life – Beauty of course, but also Business and Balance. Currently most of our Beauty section revolves around Nails, but Makeup is creeping in and we eventually hope to cover all aspects of the beauty industry (think you can help? Contact us). We have big plans for MonacoPro, and we're super excited that you're along for the ride.

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